Root Canal Therapy in Seattle, WA

Also called endodontic therapy, a root canal treatment is performed to treat severely damaged teeth that have their nerves and the inner pulp infected. The procedure is aimed to cure and eliminate infections inside the decayed tooth that have extended deep till tooth pulp. This is done to stop the spread of the infection to the surrounding tissues, thus preventing swelling, inflammation, and other painful conditions.

The Seattle, WA dentist at Oak Tree Dental Care may recommend a root canal to a patient if their tooth has become impaired or infected. 

Root Canal Therapy

The inside of our tooth contains a hollow space with pulp, nerves, and blood vessels in it. The dental pulp keeps the tooth alive, protects the teeth by helping sense damage to the teeth, and helps teeth detect changes in pressure or temperatures. When it becomes infected, a root canal procedure is needed to eliminate the diseased tissues and save the tooth from extraction. 

Symptoms Of Root Canal Infection

If you face any of the following symptoms, you may need a root canal:

  • Recurring, severe tooth and gum pain
  • A large visible dental cavity 
  • Extreme sensitivity to temperature and pressure change
  • A bad taste near the infected tooth even after brushing your teeth
  • Pus or abscess that drains into your mouth
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the jaw and neck near the damaged tooth
  • An abscess or infection that has reached the jaw bone, resulting in severe pain.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure 

If a patient has a severely infected tooth, the Seattle, WA dentist performs a root canal therapy that involves removal of the infected pulp through an opening made and then sealing the tooth.

The dentist will start the procedure by numbing the patient's tooth and the neighboring tissues with local anesthesia. By using a dental drill, a tiny opening is made on the surface of their tooth to reach the pulp. After removing the diseased pulp, the insides of the tooth are cleansed with a dental file, and the contaminants are flushed out. After a thorough cleaning of the cavity, the site is filled with a medicated material, and the tooth is sealed using a temporary filling.

After a few days, the dentist seals the treated tooth with a permanent filling. For strengthening the tooth further, the dentist places a dental restoration such as a crown that matches the patient's existing teeth. 

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