Single Tooth Dental Implants in Seattle, WA

Dental implants have transformed the way tooth replacements are done worldwide. Contemplating the fact that more than 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth, and almost 36 million people don't have any teeth, implant dentistry has indeed revolutionized the way lost teeth are restored.

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

At Oak Tree Dental Care, we offer single tooth dental implants for patients who have lost their single tooth. 

Single-tooth dental implants are individual, free-standing units that are normally cemented or screwed to customized abutments. 

The need to restore a single tooth can arise because of several reasons - tooth loss due to tooth decay, unsuccessful endodontic treatment, or failure of the post endodontic restorations.

Benefits of single-tooth implants

While placing single-tooth dental implants, our dentists attach the dental implant to the jawbone of the missing tooth. The patient enjoys the following benefits from single-tooth implant placement:  

  • It replaces the missing tooth's root and becomes a permanent part of the patient's body.
  • They replicate the look and functionality of the natural teeth.
  • It eliminates the use of slipping of bulky, removable dentures while eating or speaking.
  • Once the implant site is healed and the implant gets fused to the patient's bone, it is more comfortable than partial dentures.
  • If taken care of properly by following good oral hygiene habits, implants last long. The patient needs to adhere only to regular oral hygiene to maintain it.

How are single-tooth implants placed?

Single-tooth dental implants are placed by the dentist by surgically placing them in the patient's jawbone. Once it fuses to the bone, the implant starts to function as the new tooth root. A customized dental crown is then placed on the top of the implant to restore the missing tooth.

Before placing the single-tooth implants, our dentists ensure that the patient's jawbone has enough density to support the implant. However, if the jawbone is not strong enough, we can add additional bone through a bone grafting procedure.

Besides, it is important that the patient's gums, surrounding tissue, and nearby teeth should be in sound health. Some medical issues like diabetes, liver disease, weak immune system, or bleeding disorder can also eliminate a patient's candidacy for implant placement. 

A consultation with Dr.Amin Tabatabaian and Dr.Subha at Oak Tree Dental Care, Seattle, WA, including a thorough oral examination of the patient, dental X-ray, and a review of their medical history, will determine whether someone is a right fit to undergo a single tooth transplant.

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