Multiple Implant Tooth Replacement in Seattle, WA

If you have more than one missing tooth, an implant-supported bridge or a full arch dental implant could be the best solution to restore the teeth.

Unlike the case of single dental implants, multiple teeth implants are surgically inserted into the patient's jaw bone at opposite ends of a series of teeth to be replaced.

An Overview of Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple tooth implants are more reliable, comfortable and are less prone to decay when compared to dental bridges or removable partial dentures. Besides, since replacing some of the patient's teeth roots with multiple tooth dental implants is possible, the patient's bone can be better preserved. Dental implants bond with the patient's jawbone, thus keeping their jaw bone healthy and natural smile intact.

Advantages of Multiple Dental Implants

For patients with several missing teeth, multiple tooth implants are a reliable and effective way of tooth replacement when compared to loose, bulky, and uncomfortable partial dentures.

Besides, when compared to traditional dental bridges, multiple tooth implants offer other advantages as well. Since it is needed to substantially reshape or crown the adjacent natural teeth to provide support in the case of a traditional bridge, these teeth can become weaker and vulnerable to decay and infection over time. However, multiple implants can be used even if the existing natural teeth do not have enough strength to support a bridge.

Replacing the missing teeth with multiple-dental implants stops the shifting of adjacent teeth from their position. Besides, by sharing biting and chewing forces, implants help to prevent the remaining teeth in the mouth from wearing down faster.

Planning and Placing Multiple Tooth Implants

At Oak Tree Dental Care, our dentists use the information obtained by the CT scan and dental x-rays to plan precisely where each dental implant is to be placed. 

While placing multiple tooth implants, our dentists ensure that implants are inserted in the correct position while considering the overall aesthetics of the final smile. 

The procedure starts with a scalpel creating a circular incision or peeling back the two gum flaps to gain access to the lower jawbone to insert the implants. 

Once the tooth implants are inserted in place, they are allowed to heal and bond with the patient's jawbone over some time before we place their new teeth. This entire process takes between three and six months, and during this time, our dentists will provide the patients with a temporary prosthesis so that their mouth's normal functionality is not affected. 

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