Implant Retained Prostheses in Seattle, WA

Many people in the US rely on traditional dentures to replace their lost teeth; however, they are not as functional as normal teeth. Besides, many denture users have reported that they had experienced slipping or sliding of  the dentures inside their mouth, making it difficult for them to eat or communicate well. 

At Oak Tree Dental Care, the Seattle, WA dentist offers Implant-retained prostheses that are a better alternative to traditional dentures; they are a removable type of denture that can be snapped in and out as required for cleaning or maintenance. 

Implant-retained Prostheses 

An implant-retained prosthesis, also called implant-supported dentures, is an advanced fixed dental restoration that is used to replace the complete set of lost teeth. They are preferred over conventional dentures as they offer improved stability without having any inconveniences associated with conventional dentures like instability, discomfort, difficulty in eating foods, etc.

How are Implant-Retained Prosthesis placed?

The implant-retained prosthesis comprises special clips that are snapped onto the attachments strategically placed on implants. For implant-retained dentures, they are held securely in place by dental implants surgically placed in the patient's jaw. 

The denture is connected to four or more dental implants, which provides retention to the denture so that it does not need to cover the palate, unlike the bulky conventional dentures. The implant-supported denture occupies less room in the mouth, thus allowing more space for the tongue to have a better ability to taste and sense temperatures. 

The dentist can either place these dentures as fixed dentures or removable ones per the patient's demands and preferences. They are good for those who want a more durable and long-lasting replacement for lost teeth.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Implant-Retained Dentures?

  • Implant-retained prostheses improve eating and speaking.
  • As it enables proper chewing, improved digestion and nutrient absorption are achieved.  
  • They are not bulky and do not use any dental adhesives, thus reducing any irritation of gum tissues. 
  • They offer a more natural function and look than conventional dentures.
  • Since the implants add stability to the prosthetic teeth, they eliminate the risk of dentures slipping out of place while eating or speaking.
  • Since there are dental implants that are bonded with the jawbone, they help preserve the integrity of the jaw bone. Besides, the fitting of dentures will not change over time.
  • In the case of traditional dentures, they might need a replacement after five to eight years. However, dental implants are durable and may last a lifetime, and the dentures that are attached to them may last for a decade or even more.

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