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Dentures are removable teeth replacements that can be used to replace missing teeth and are supported by the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. They are also known as false teeth or prosthetic teeth and help people with multiple missing teeth restore their dental appearance and functionality. At Oak Tree Dental Care, the Seattle, WA dentist offers two kinds of dentures – partial dentures and complete dentures. 

Partial dentures or partials are helpful when the patient has some of their natural teeth missing, whereas complete dentures are used in cases when a person has lost all their teeth. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental prostheses that include artificial teeth and gums and replace natural teeth. The artificial teeth are fabricated from dental-grade ceramic, and the gum is made from similar colored acrylic, and they help restore the functionality of the teeth while providing support to the jaws, cheeks, and chin. 

Dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory as per the unique dental measurements of each person after obtaining the digital images from dental X-rays. Once the dentures are ready, the dentist affixes them inside the patient's mouth using suction force. These prostheses are removable when needed for cleaning or maintenance. 

If the patient suffers from any of the following conditions, dentures can be beneficial:

  • Several missing teeth
  • Loose or moving teeth
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Severe and persistent toothaches
  • Difficulty chewing food

What Are the Two Main Kinds of Dentures?

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when all the natural teeth of the patient are lost or extracted. After the teeth extraction and healing of the gums, the dentist places the traditional full/complete dentures, which might take several months. However, during this healing period, an immediate denture can be fixed for aesthetic and functional reasons. 


Partial dentures or partials are preferred for patients with some missing teeth. They are also fabricated from dental-grade ceramic and gum-colored acrylic and are supported with the help of a metal framework to mimic the size, color, and appearance of the patient's teeth. 

How are Dentures and Partials Manufactured? 

After obtaining the digital impression of the patient's teeth to get the accurate measurements of the missing teeth, they are sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication. 

The prosthetic teeth are made to appear, feel, and function as naturally as possible. 

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