Dental Implants in Green Lake & Northgate

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Dental implants are a wonderful way to give you that confident smile you once knew. Whether your oral health has taken a turn for the worst or you have always wanted a bright smile to make you more confident than ever before, dental implants may be a good option for you. Dental implants are a great option for adults who are missing one or more teeth who desire a permanent, attractive and stable replacement.

Understanding Dental Implantsdreamstime_xxl_47731347

When the root portion of your tooth is missing, your natural tooth can be replaced with a strong, titanium post that is known as a dental implant. Although a titanium post doesn’t look like a tooth, it does act as an implant to a crown that will be placed on top to give you that bright smile you’ve been craving. The implant will approximately be the same size and shape as your natural tooth root. Though dental implants are a process because the titanium must fuse to the jaw bone, once the fusion is complete, your dental implant will be just as strong and stable as your original tooth root.

Once your artificial titanium tooth root is in place and fused, a dental crown will be specifically designed and placed on top of the titanium post. This will effectively restore the function and appearance of your natural smile. Dental implants are supported by the jaw bone alone without any other requiring involvement of any of the adjacent teeth. Because of this, a dental implant’s design features makes an impressively conservative and much more natural alternative than other tooth replacement options.

Customizing Your Dental Implants

Just as expected, dental implants are completely customizable, which is why they’re the perfect choice if you’re looking to replace one or all of your teeth. To give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, a dental crown will be placed on a supportive dental implant post made of titanium. There are different options for multiple implants, like anchor dentures and partials that may be a great options for the replacement of many teeth. It’s also important to mention that dental implant restorations don’t need to be removed from the mouth prior to eating or drinking, and they will not restrict any eating preferences.

Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

When it comes to dental implants (or any type of cosmetic dentistry for that matter), you must ask yourself one question: is this the right choice for you? Our Northgate & Green Lake dentist will first need to make sure that the cosmetic dentistry options you’re seeking out are right for you, and that you have adequate bone volume in your jaw before the process can begin. All we need to do is verify your jaw bone volume with a clinical examination and digital x-rays. Once our dentist is confident that dental implants are a suitable solution for you, we can begin designing a treatment strategy that is at a comfortable pace.

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