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Your Dentist in Green Lake for Root Canal Therapy

If you have recently been told that you need a root canal by your dentist in Green Lake, we understand that you are a bit hesitant. The procedure has a bad reputation for being unpleasant and is often believed to be unnecessary. However, the treatment is vital to saving your tooth from extraction. You will… read more

Improve Your Confidence With A Smile

Understandably, there are many different attributes to your physical appearance that may take away from your self-esteem or confidence. But nine times out of 10, your smile is going to be your money-maker, smile-taker and self-esteem booster. If this sounds like something that you would never want to lose, it’s time to understand why it’s… read more

Advantages of Regular Dental Visits

Dental care, for the majority, is not taken seriously. These days parents aren’t following the best dental hygiene protocol, like brushing and flossing twice daily, and unfortunately their kids are following suit. The problem is that children don’t know any better, and it’s up to parents to set a good example. For this reason, our… read more