Do I Need a Sinus Lift Before Implant Placement?

Have you lost a tooth or two over the years? You’re not alone. Despite the latest innovations in dentistry, tooth loss is still a common problem; however, you don’t need to live with an incomplete smile. You can join over 500,000 people this year who are choosing dental implants to replace their missing teeth, even… read more

How Have Dentures Evolved Over the Years?

Dentures haven’t always been so comfortable and natural looking as they are today. This tooth replacement option goes back much further than you may think, but it wasn’t anything like modern dentures in Green Lake. Continue reading to learn more about the root of ancient dentures and how they evolved over time to become what… read more

Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

We’ve all been there. You develop a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away on its own. There are many reasons why you could be feeling pain in your mouth, so it can be difficult to know exactly what the cause is. Whether you’re experiencing mild sensitivity or extreme, throbbing pain, you shouldn’t have to… read more

How Does Water Support Oral Health?

There are many benefits of staying hydrated. We are made up of 60% water, so it only makes sense that we need plenty of it to thrive. Other than being good for every single organ in your body, drinking water is crucial to have good oral health. It keeps your teeth strong for a variety… read more

5 Ways Your Dental Team Prepares for Your Visit

Life has changed quite a bit over the last several weeks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In addition to many businesses, dental offices have also had to close their doors, except for those needing an emergency dentist in Green Lake. If you have an urgent dental problem that needs immediate attention, you don’t… read more

Are There Different Types of Toothaches?

Nothing is worse than a toothache. No matter if you have a twinge of discomfort after drinking a glass of cold water or throbbing pain is keeping you awake at night, you have an untreated dental issue. Believe it or not, there are different types of toothaches. Paying attention to the pain can help determine… read more

6 Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

You probably never expect a dental emergency to happen to you, but it’s more common than you might realize. In fact, research shows 1 in 6 Americans find themselves in this situation annually. While you can’t always predict an unplanned trip to your emergency dentist in Green Lake here are 6 signs one is looming… read more

Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are often considered the gold standard. Not only are they incredibly sturdy and durable, but they have the potential to last for several decades. If you take proper care of them, they could even last for the rest of your life! However, there are a few… read more

How Can I Close the Gap in My Smile?

As a child, the gap between your two front teeth may have been viewed as “adorable” or “cute,” but as an adult, you might think it is more embarrassing or annoying than anything else. But what can you do about it? While you might know plenty of people who live with this type of issue,… read more

The Negative Effects That Diabetes Can Have on Oral Health

Are you or someone you know currently dealing with diabetes? If so, the effects can be far-reaching. It turns out that the disease can even impact your oral health. The good news is you don’t have to settle for a decline in wellness, as there are ways to protect yourself. As you continue reading, a… read more