Dry Mouth? Your Family Dentist in Green Lake Can Help!

Do you find yourself constantly sipping water because your mouth is always dry? If it feels like a desert oasis, you could be suffering from dry mouth. Although it is often associated with aging, it could be caused by another underlying factor, such as a disease of the salivary glands, medications, or diabetes. No matter… read more

Your Family Dentist in Green Lake for Patients of All Ages

The health of your family’s teeth and gums rely on excellent home oral hygiene and regular care from a family dentist in Green Lake. However, scheduling appointments for your loved ones can be a challenge because everyone has unique needs. As a result, you can spend valuable time running from one office to another because… read more

Your Dentist in Green Lake for Root Canal Therapy

If you have recently been told that you need a root canal by your dentist in Green Lake, we understand that you are a bit hesitant. The procedure has a bad reputation for being unpleasant and is often believed to be unnecessary. However, the treatment is vital to saving your tooth from extraction. You will… read more

Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment In Green Lake Can Save Your Life

  Sleep apnea – sure, you’ve heard the term, but did you know this disorder is the most common sleep problem, right behind insomnia? This medical condition may be common, but shouldn’t be taken lightly, since the effects of going without treatment can cause weight gain, increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes, and… read more

Why Professional Teeth Whitening In Phinney Ridge Is Superior

For longer than you’d like to admit, you’ve smiled with your lips closed to hide your discolored teeth. All the coffee you drank to get you through college has done you a disservice by making your grin dull and lifeless. You want to lighten your teeth, but you’re not sure if there’s a difference between… read more

Choosing the Right Green Lake Dentist Near Me

Your dental health is important to you. To protect your oral health, you need to maintain proper hygiene habits while also visiting your dentist regularly. However, when choosing a dentist, it can be difficult to find one who meets your specific needs. At Oak Tree Dental Care, we understand the challenge you face. To make… read more