Is Teeth Whitening a New Trend?

Is Teeth Whitening a New Trend?

Is Teeth Whitening a New Trend?

A bright, white smile is proven to make a person look younger, intelligent, successful, and confident; however, teeth come in several shades. Not to mention, they naturally change color over the years. They often turn brown or yellow, called intrinsic stains. Today, a white smile is more attractive than ever, but at least 9.8% of people are concerned about the color of their teeth. People from all walks of life are turning to their cosmetic dentist to fight stains. Although you might believe teeth whitening is a new trend, it dates to ancient times. Thankfully, you don’t need to drink your urine or chew on sticks to get a brighter smile. Here’s how teeth whitening treatments have transformed over the years.

Early Teeth Whitening

The ancient Egyptians are known for more than just spectacular pyramids. They also took pride in the appearance of their teeth, as they were a symbol of wealth, virility, and sexual appeal. Pharaohs used toothpaste made of wine, vinegar, pumice stone, and ground oxen’s hooves and chewed on sticks to keep their pearly whites bright.

The Romans and Nomadic Europeans took a different approach. The Romans were known to use special chewing sticks as toothbrushes and used their own urine to reverse stains. The Nomadic people also used urine, but filing their teeth was more common. Although it may have kept their teeth white, they often removed all their enamel in the process.

Modern Whitening Systems

It wasn’t until the late 1800s dentists began offering whitening treatments using chlorine as a bleaching agent. This method was popular until the early 1900s when hydrogen peroxide came into the picture. In 1960, dentist William Klusimer invented peroxide-based whitening agents. After 1989, carbamide peroxide became the standard whitening agent because it provides drastic results with fewer side effects, like tooth sensitivity. Besides changes to ingredients, the procedure has also undergone a few advancements.

Traditionally, you would visit your dentist to have an in-office whitening treatment; however, innovations in dentistry allow you to achieve the same results without leaving your couch. You can get your teeth up to 8 shades brighter by spending an hour at your dentist, or you can use a professional take-home kit that offers the same stunning improvement. After an initial consultation, your dentist will give you everything you need to enhance the color of your teeth over 2 weeks from the comfort of home.

Invest in a Vibrant Smile

Modern whitening systems are safe and effective when used on the ideal candidate. They won’t damage your teeth, and you won’t need to worry about any lingering side effects. You will have the vibrant smile you deserve using the latest developments in dentistry.


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