Cosmetic Dentist in Green Lake Discusses the Cost of Veneers

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Cosmetic Dentist in Green Lake Discusses the Cost of Veneers

After years of feeling insecure about your appearance, are you finally ready to invest in your self-esteem with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Green Lake? That is great! Your dentist offers the solutions you need to improve how your teeth look. Among one of the most preferred treatments involves veneers. By placing the thin shells on the front surfaces of your teeth, you will achieve drastic results that will last; however, you are concerned about their cost. When determining how much your new smile will cost, there are several things to consider.

How Can Veneers Help Me?

Although veneers have a bad reputation for being invasive, they are now thinner to allow more of your tooth’s structure to remain in tact during the bonding process. By placing them on your teeth, you instantly cover an array of imperfections, such as dark discoloration, chips, cracks, and minor alignment issues. Overall, your teeth will be shapelier, more proportionate, and whiter. In as little as 2 appointments, you will have the dream smile that you have always wanted with results that can last 5 to 10 years.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

On average, porcelain veneers can cost anywhere from $925 to $2,500 per tooth while a composite one can cost $250 to $1,500. There is no set price tag because there are several factors that will influence the cost.

When looking for a dentist in Green Lake to perform your procedure, it is best to not focus on the price. Although everyone likes to save money, this is not an area where you should base your decision on dollars and pennies. The saying, “you get what you paid,” is true when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

You may be able to find a dentist who can perform the treatment for a lower rate than another, but it could end up costing you in the long run. To make a wise investment in your smile, there are several factors to consider when choosing a dentist, such as:

  • Qualifications and experience
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Proven results
  • Technology

After you have found the perfect dentist to transform your smile, do not call the office to get an estimate. This will not provide you will a true reflection of the amount you can expect to pay because the final cost will be based on your individual needs, such as:

  • How many teeth are being treated
  • Additional procedures
  • Materials
  • Dental coverage

It is best to schedule a consultation to receive a more accurate estimate. Not only will they ensure that you are a candidate for veneers, but they will also take the time to discuss your treatment plan and payment options.

Get a Beautiful Smile Today!

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