Cavities and Teeth Whitening – How They Are Related?

Cavities and Teeth Whitening – How They Are Related?

Cavities and Teeth Whitening – How They Are Related?

Are you wanting to brighten up your teeth? You don’t need to settle for a smile that you are less than confident to show off. There are several ways that you can enhance all the great things about your smile and cover up flaws, like teeth whitening. However, it is important that you are in good oral health before you whiten your teeth. Continue reading to learn about the potential risks of getting teeth whitening when you have cavities and why you should always see your dentist for this type of treatment.

What Happens If You Whiten Your Teeth with Cavities?

When you have cavities, it is not a good idea to use a whitening kit. The bleaching agent that is used in most store-bought whitening treatments contains hydrogen peroxide. While it is effective at removing stains, it can irritate teeth that are sensitive, even if they are otherwise healthy. When there is a cavity, the whitening agent can make contact with the sensitive inner layers of your tooth and cause a significant amount of pain. Ultimately, you need to have your teeth examined to ensure that you don’t have any existing decay, cracks, or other damage to your smile that could get in the way of the whitening process. Minor cavities and cracks can cause little to no symptoms and may not become apparent until after you try to whiten your teeth.

How Professional Whitening Can Help You Avoid Trouble?

You can brighten up your smile safely with a professional grade whitening kit from your dentist. In addition to the improved results, your dentist will check your mouth to ensure that you don’t have any existing issues before your treatment.

They will take impressions of your teeth and provide you with custom-made whitening trays that will fit your mouth perfectly. They will be comfortable and allow for even whitening. In addition to the trays, a professional whitening gel is also provided. It is stronger than anything you can find in stores and give you noticeable results in as little as a week. You just need to wear the trays daily for 30 minutes at a time.

Instead of risking your smile with a store-bought kit, you’re better off seeing your dentist for professional teeth whitening. This way, you can brighten your smile without having to worry about your oral health!


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