Best Foods After Teeth Whitening

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Best Foods After Teeth Whitening

A bright smile is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, most adults don’t like the way their teeth look. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what’s one thing they would improve about their smiles. The most common answer was whiter teeth. It’s estimated 67% of adults in American have tried one form of teeth whitening or another. If you’re among those who have wasted time with ineffective OTC whitening products, you can stop throwing money down the drain. Your dentist can get your teeth up to 8 shades whiter using a professional system. You’ll enjoy lasting results, but they won’t be permanent. You can maintain your beautiful smile by keeping new stains at bay. Here’s a list of the best foods to eat after your whitening treatment to protect your investment.

Foods to Maintain White Teeth

Your teeth naturally darken as you age because your enamel becomes thinner, which makes more of your yellowish dentin visible. Thankfully, your dentist can improve age-related discoloration while treating surface stains. Although you can’t stop time to ensure your results last, you can watch what you eat. Here are a few foods to incorporate into your diet to safeguard your smile:

Cauliflower: The vegetable requires a lot of chewing which means you’ll produce more saliva. Although the thought of your spit might make you cringe, it’s actually vital for your smile because it helps cleanse your teeth in between brushing and flossing.

Strawberries: Despite their dark appearance, strawberries are excellent at preserving white teeth. They contain an enzyme called malic acid, which has been shown to naturally prevent stains.

Cheese: Milk and cheese are loaded with calcium to promote strong teeth and bones; however, dairy products also contain lactic acid. It can balance bacteria in your mouth to keep your teeth vibrant.

Apples: A crisp, juicy apple acts like a scrub brush for your teeth. Snacking on crunchy fruits and vegetables removes food residue and plaque that can stain your teeth.

With the right diet, a strong oral hygiene routine, and regular care from your dentist can ensure your smile stays bright from several months to many years.

Foods to Avoid for White Teeth

You can enjoy your investment for longer by limiting your contact with stain-causing foods and drinks, such as:

  • Coffee, teas, sodas
  • Darkly pigmented berries, like blueberries
  • Red wine
  • Dark-colored or tomato-based sauces and dressings

If you can’t resist a cup of coffee or a bowl of fresh blueberries, rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth when you’ve finished. If you can’t get to your toothbrush, chew a piece of sugarless gum to encourage your natural saliva production. You will protect your stunning smile even while on the go.


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