5 Tips to Protect Your Smile During Cinco de Mayo

5 Tips to Protect Your Smile During Cinco de Mayo

5 Tips to Protect Your Smile During Cinco de Mayo

May 5th is an important day in Mexican history as it commemorates the battle the country won against France. Many Americans anticipate Cinco de Mayo to join in the celebrations with barbeques and parties. As you participate in the festivities, it’s best to keep it a smile-friendly celebration. Here’s how you can protect your teeth and gums while enjoying your plans for the day.

1. Limit Sugary Drinks

You’ll be surrounded by sodas, juices, and adult beverages. While they might be refreshing, many have a high sugar content, which can feed cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. It’s always best to choose water, but if you can’t skip a sweet drink, your dentist recommends drinking it all at once instead of sipping it to reduce your teeth’ exposure to sugar. Rinse your mouth with water to wash away any surgery residue in your mouth after you’ve finished it.

2. Snack Smart

No get-together is complete without chips, cookies, and candy. Although they may taste amazing, they aren’t good for your smile or your waistline. Pick snacks that support your dental health, like low-fat dairy products and fresh fruits or vegetables. You’ll also want to watch how often you snack throughout the day to lower your risk of cavities.

3. Skip Crunchy Foods

Tacos and other crunchy foods are a staple for Cinco de Mayo; however, they can lead to a dental emergency. Taco shells, chips, and nuts can cause a broken or fractured tooth. You might even lose a restoration or cause a bracket to pop off if you have braces. Consider softer foods when grabbing a bite to eat to prevent an unplanned trip to your emergency dentist.

4. Watch How Much You Drink

Many people look forward to Cinco de Mayo because it provides the perfect opportunity to drink. Unfortunately, alcohol causes dehydration, which can lead to dry mouth. If your mouth isn’t kept moist, it creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to multiply. You can still celebrate with an adult drink but watch how many you consume. You can also chew a piece of sugarless gum to encourage saliva production to combat dry mouth.

5. Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss

Although you might be out late partying, don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth before going to bed for the night. Skipping your oral hygiene routine will allow bad bacteria to increase, which can raise the likeliness of dental issues. No matter how tired you might be, make sure you brush for 2 minutes and floss between each tooth before calling it a night.

Don’t let Cinco de Mayo leave a lasting mark on your oral health. Commit to protecting your smile while partying.


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