5 Options for a Summer-Ready Smile

5 Options for a Summer-Ready Smile

5 Options for a Summer-Ready Smile

Summer is right around the corner, which means spending time outdoors soaking up the sun. While you plan exciting vacations and get your body ready for swimsuit weather, is a beautiful smile on your to-do list? You can ensure you look your best with a summer-ready smile. Here are 5 ways to revamp your teeth just in time for the warm weather.

1. Schedule a cleaning and checkup.

If it has been more than 6 months since your last cleaning and checkup, now is the perfect time to visit your dentist. They’ll remove any unsightly plaque and tartar accumulations to enjoy a clean smile. They will also monitor your oral health to ensure there aren’t any untreated issues lingering in your mouth that might turn into a dental emergency during the summer.

2. Invest in a brighter smile.

Your teeth will naturally darken over the years from age, genetics, lifestyle habits, and other factors. If your teeth aren’t as bright as they used to be, you don’t need to feel insecure when smiling or taking pictures. Your dentist can get your teeth as much as 8 shades whiter with a professional whitening treatment. Whether using an in-office or at-home solution, you can give your confidence a boost by reversing the appearance of stains and discoloration.

3. Makeover your smile with veneers.

Veneers are a great option to drastically improve your smile. The thin shells are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth to instantly enhance their color, size, shape, and proportion. They can correct several issues at once using a minimally invasive procedure, like chips and cracks. In as few as 2 weeks, you can get your smile ready for summer with veneers.

4. Quickly fix imperfections with dental bonding.

If a chipped tooth is creating an eyesore when you smile, your cosmetic dentist can quickly fix the blemish with dental bonding. A composite resin material is used to correct several minor aesthetic issues, like chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth. The material will match your enamel to look natural. After just one appointment, you’ll have an attractive smile you’ll want to show off.

5. Get a straight smile with Invisalign.

Invisalign is the perfect alternative to metal braces to fix multiple bite and alignment concerns. Clear aligners are worn over your teeth to gradually reposition them. The discreet treatment won’t draw any added attention while you achieve the healthy, straight smile you deserve.

Get a Beautiful Smile for Summer

This summer, invest in your self-esteem with a picture-perfect smile. Your cosmetic dentist will create the personalized plan you need for a smile as bright and beautiful as the summer skies.


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