4 Essentials for Creating a Dental Emergency Kit

4 Essentials for Creating a Dental Emergency Kit

4 Essentials for Creating a Dental Emergency Kit

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t expect a dental emergency to ever affect you, but it is more common than you might realize. 1 in 6 Americans has an emergency oral health issue every year. You have Band-Aids and gauze in case you cut your finger, but have you made the same preparations for your smile? It’s a good idea to have a dental emergency kit handy, too. Here are a few of the essentials you should include to make a stressful situation a little easier.

Must-Haves for Dental Emergency Kits

Dental emergencies can take many forms, like a chipped or a knocked-out tooth, so it’s best to prepare for several possible scenarios. Don’t worry, you don’t need a ton of supplies. Here are a few must-haves for your dental emergency kit:

1. General Supplies

The absolute basics for an oral health first aid kit include medical-grade gloves, a dental mirror, and cotton balls or gauze pads. If you have the space, it’s good to include dental wax, Orabase, and dental floss as well.

2. Pain Relievers

If you have a toothache or oral injury, it can be impossible to focus on anything else but the pain. You can make the discomfort manageable by including various pain relievers in your kit, like Orajel numbing gel, ice packs, and Ibuprofen.

3. Salt and Water

Place a bottle of water and a small salt packet in with your supplies. You can easily create a salt and water rinse to cleanse the area, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. It’s a simple way to manage a dental emergency even if you’re on the go.

4. Emergency Dentist’s Phone Number

As with any emergency, time is of the utmost importance, even when it involves your dental health. You don’t want to lose valuable minutes trying to find an emergency dentist. It’s best to take time to find one beforehand. Although there are many great options, not all dental practices will be right for you. You can ensure you make the best decision by:

  • Asking family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Reviewing the dentist’s qualifications and experience.
  • Looking for advanced technology and treatments.
  • Choosing a dental office near your home. 
  • Choosing a location that offers emergency services.
  • Finding a practice that accepts your dental insurance.
  • Choosing a practice that offers various payment methods.
  • Reading online reviews and testimonials about the dentist.

Don’t Be Caught off Guard

While you may never need immediate dental care, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. It’s wise to lose a few minutes preparing for a situation that may never happen than it is to live with the complications of a lost tooth. With the right action at home and quick care from your dentist, they can stop your pain and save your smile.


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