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Best Foods After Teeth Whitening

A bright smile is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, most adults don’t like the way their teeth look. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what’s one thing they would improve about their smiles. The most common answer was whiter teeth. It’s estimated 67% of adults in American have tried one form of teeth… read more

4 Essentials for Creating a Dental Emergency Kit

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t expect a dental emergency to ever affect you, but it is more common than you might realize. 1 in 6 Americans has an emergency oral health issue every year. You have Band-Aids and gauze in case you cut your finger, but have you made the same preparations… read more

3 Common Sports-Related Dental Emergencies

Your teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, which is why you commit to brushing and flossing at home and visiting your dentist regularly. A preventive approach is a great way to avoid common oral health issues. Unfortunately, you can’t protect your smile from everything, like a dental emergency. It’s estimated, at least 1… read more

Is Teeth Whitening a New Trend?

A bright, white smile is proven to make a person look younger, intelligent, successful, and confident; however, teeth come in several shades. Not to mention, they naturally change color over the years. They often turn brown or yellow, called intrinsic stains. Today, a white smile is more attractive than ever, but at least 9.8% of… read more

Which Type of Milk is Best for My Teeth?

You’ve heard milk is crucial for healthy bones, but did you know it is equally important for your smile? Milk is a great source of calcium, which 99% of is stored in your bones and teeth. As the most common mineral in your body, the National Institute of Health recommends a daily intake of 200mg… read more

Dental Sealants Aren’t Just for Children

Despite being preventable, tooth decay is the most prevalent oral health issue. Several advancements over the years have made it possible to protect teeth against cavity-causing bacteria, like improved oral hygiene habits and fluoride dental products. Unfortunately, cavities can still occur in anyone. Children are most often at risk, which is why dentists recommend applying… read more

5 Steps to Take for a Knocked-Out Tooth

If you’re like many people, one of your worst fears is likely to have a permanent tooth knocked out. Although you might never expect it to happen to you, over 5 million children and adults lose a tooth from injury or accident annually. If you suddenly find yourself in this unexpected situation, do you know… read more

Can Depression Affect Your Oral Health?

Research shows at least 16.2 million adults in the U.S. have one or more major depressive episodes within any given year. The bouts of sadness and hopelessness can have a serious impact on your quality of life, but they can also affect your dental health. Here’s the connection between major depression and oral health, so… read more

5 Options for a Summer-Ready Smile

Summer is right around the corner, which means spending time outdoors soaking up the sun. While you plan exciting vacations and get your body ready for swimsuit weather, is a beautiful smile on your to-do list? You can ensure you look your best with a summer-ready smile. Here are 5 ways to revamp your teeth… read more