Tips from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Northgate to Protect Your White Smile

Beautiful smileAfter years of feeling insecure about dark tooth discoloration and stains, you have made the choice to revitalize your smile with a whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist in Northgate. That is great! Now, you have a bright, white smile to restore your confidence; however, you need to protect your investment. To ensure that your teeth stay white, there are some simple tips to use to prevent new discoloration.

1. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

To help reduce the risk for new stains on your teeth, it is best to remain proactive about your oral hygiene habits. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a toothpaste that has been recommended by your dentist to clean your teeth twice a day. Spend two minutes each session cleaning all surfaces of your teeth. Do not forget to brush your tongue as well to remove harmful bacteria. Before going to bed at night, floss in between each tooth to remove any food particles, bacteria, or plaque that has been missed by your toothbrush.

2. Avoid Stain-Causing Foods and Drinks

Now that your smile is white again, you do not want new stains to develop. As a result, it is best to avoid any foods or drinks that are known to cause staining, such as those that are darkly pigmented or acidic, like coffee, tea, berries, or tomatoes.

If you cannot skip your morning cup of coffee, choose to drink it through a straw to limit its contact with your teeth. After eating or drinking anything that has the potential to cause stains, brush your teeth right away. If that is not possible, rinse your mouth well with water.

3. Stop Using Tobacco Products

Tobacco products in any forms are not just damaging to the health of your teeth, but their appearance as well. Nicotine and tar can cause your teeth to stain and to become discolored. To protect your new bright smile, it is best to stop using tobacco as soon as possible.

4. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

In addition to your home oral hygiene habits, regular care from your dentist in Northgate is equally as important. Your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly while also performing a comprehensive checkup. During your appointment, your dentist may suggest the use of a touchup kit to help protect your smile from discoloration.

5. Avoid Too Many Whitening Treatments

To protect your results, you may be tempted to continue to use whitening treatments; however, doing so can actually cause more harm than good. It can cause the enamel to thin, making your teeth more prone to staining while causing the dentin to become exposed. As a result, only use whitening products when recommended by your dentist.

Protect Your Bright Smile

Now that you have your dream smile, take the time to protect your investment with the right aftercare.

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