Don’t Fear Your Root Canal with Your Dentist in Northgate

Inside of a toothIf you have a severely damaged or infected tooth, your dentist in Northgate has likely recommended that you undergo a root canal. Although you know that you should listen to their advice, you are a bit hesitant to schedule your appointment. Let’s face it, root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, which will make anyone want to avoid the procedure; however, you have nothing to fear. Due to new advancements in dentistry, you will not feel any pain during the treatment, but slight discomfort may occur while you heal.

Don’t Fear Your Root Canal

It is true that root canals in the past were quite painful; however, now they are often no worse than a traditional dental filling. New advancements in dentistry and the use of a local anesthetic have made the procedure virtually pain-free.

During your procedure, the crown of the tooth is opened to allow the inner most layer of the tooth to be removed, known as the pulp. Once all the areas of decay and infection are taken out, the tooth will then be sterilized and sealed using a special material known as gutta-percha. To restore its function and appearance, a custom-made dental crown will likely be placed over the tooth.

This common procedure is now painless, but it is not uncommon to have some slight discomfort after the procedure.

Recovering from Your Root Canal

The pulp of the tooth contains the nerves. It is often believed that after the pulp is removed, there will not be any pain; however, this is not necessarily true. As with any dental procedure, you can experience some slight pain, swelling, and tenderness for a couple of days after your treatment.

The tooth itself will not be painful, but the surrounding tissue and teeth may become slightly sensitive for a few days. In most cases, this is easily manageable by placing cold compresses to the outside of the mouth and using over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. In addition, it is often best to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth until after the symptoms subside.

Save Your Tooth from Extraction

If your dentist has recommended that you receive a root canal, it is best not to wait despite your hesitation. With quick action, your dentist can help to save your tooth from needing to be removed. With the right care, it can stay in place while restoring your oral health.

Dentist Near Me for a Root Canal

If you need a root canal, do not wait until it is too late. Contact your dentist to schedule your appointment for root canal therapy.

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