Bad Breath? Family Dentist in Green Lake Discusses the Best Breath Mints

Woman checking her breathDo you find yourself feeling self-conscious about bad breath? If so, you likely grab a breath mint to help combat the odor. Although they can leave you feeling minty fresh, not all are created equally. Although you have good intentions of freshening your breath, you could be damaging your teeth in the process, which may lead to bad news at your next appointment with your family dentist in Green Lake. To ensure that you are choosing the right mints to help you with your problem without causing issues for your oral health, here are some of the best choices that are recommended by your dentist.

TheraBreath Lozenges

Although you may not recognize the name right away, TheraBreath Lozenges are among the most effective breath mints and they are sugar-free. Not only do they neutralize odors, but they also help to reduce oral bacteria from binding with amino acids. This prevents unpleasant odors while also keeping your mouth from feeling too dry. With the correct saliva production, you will help to combat bacteria that can lead to bad breath.

Peppersmith Mints

Peppersmith Mints will not just stop bad breath but promote your dental health as well. Using a sugar substitute, they provide a sweet taste while also preventing the formation of plaque. This helps to ward off tooth decay and gum disease. They have been shown to be effective for reducing oral bacteria by as much as 90%, making them the preferred choice among dentists.

Sencha Naturals Mints

If you want a natural solution, Sencha Naturals Mints may be the answer for you. They are sugar-free and vegan, offering natural ingredients, like green tea. This helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria while providing a burst of freshness to leave you feeling confident.

Natural Freshener

To freshen your breath, you can find many great choices right in your kitchen. Water is a simple solution that can improve your oral health and combat bad breath by cleansing food particles and bacteria from your mouth. Not to mention, it also keeps your mouth moist to prevent future bacteria growth.

Protect Your Smile

While you will see many advertisements for an array of breath mints that claim to be safe for your teeth as they stop bad odors, many contain sugar, like Altoids and Tic Tacs. It is best to avoid those that contain sugar because they will only temporarily mask the problem. Their added sugars will increase bacteria growth, which will not only cause new odors to develop, but also increase your risk for tooth decay.

Stop Bad Breath Today

If home remedies fail to stop the odors, you may have an oral health issue causing the problem. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Green Lake to find the root of the problem to treat bad breath.

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