5 Fun Dental Facts from Your Dentist in Green Lake

Beautiful smileOften, when it comes to your oral health, you tend to look at it as a necessity, not necessarily a point of interest. However, while caring for your teeth and gums is important to your smile, your mouth also holds some pretty interesting facts that involves more than just chewing and speaking. To not only protect your oral functions, your dentist in Green Lake will also help to promote some key points that you may not know are hidden in your mouth.

1. Your Smile Influences First Impressions

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that an attractive smile is important for making a strong first impression. In fact, research shows that the appearance of the teeth is the first thing 48% of people notice above everything else. With one-third of adults concerned about how their teeth and gums look, you can make sure that they say the right thing about your personality with cosmetic dentistry.

2. Your Teeth Contain Stem Cells

The teeth naturally contain stem cells. It is hoped to one day use them to regrow human teeth. This could eventually lead to biologically replacing adult teeth. By extracting the stem cells from oral tissue for harvesting, they can be scaffolded and shaped into a tooth.

3. The Teeth Cannot Self Repair

The teeth are unique to bones and other areas of the body because they are not capable of self-repair. As a result, they cannot heal themselves against oral health issues, like tooth decay. This is a leading reason why oral hygiene and regular dental care are vital to ensuring that they stay healthy for a lifetime.

4. Tooth Decay is an Infection Disease

Tooth decay is classified as an infectious disease because the strain of bacteria that is responsible for it can be passed from person to person. While it can be transmitted, it often is due to poor oral hygiene habits and large amounts of sugar consumption.

5. Tooth Enamel is the Strongest Substance in the Body

Tooth enamel is a natural protective substance that protects the teeth from tooth decay, acid erosion from food, and keeps them strong to help prevent damage from abrasions. In addition, it protects the softer inner layers of the teeth to avoid complications, like cavities. Although it is strong and durable, it can erode, leading to an array of oral health complications. Once it is depleted, there is no way to restore it.

Dentist Near Me for a Healthy Smile

Your mouth is an interesting area of the body. Not only does it hold secrets that many are not aware, but it also acts as the gateway to your overall health. If it becomes compromised, it can lead to general health issues, like heart disease.

To keep your mouth and body healthy, it is best to maintain your oral hygiene routine and regular care from your dentist.

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