Family Dentist in Green Lake Encourages Daily Flossing

woman flossing her teethYou have been told from a very young age that you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss each night before going to bed, and visit your family dentist in Green Lake twice a year. However, if you are like many adults, you cut some corners when it comes to your oral hygiene. You do not floss as often as you should because you feel that brushing is enough. Not to mention, the Associated Press’s recent article stating that is ineffective just adds to your questions as to if it is really necessary. However, by skipping flossing, you are placing the health of your gums at risk. Even if you do not enjoy doing it, it is vital to preventing gum disease.

Do I Really Need to Floss My Teeth?

Even the best brushing techniques cannot remove trapped food particles, plaque, and tartar from in between the teeth and around the gum line. The only way to remove the accumulations is with dental floss. However, only four out of ten Americans floss every day while 20% do not do it at all.

Flossing is often viewed as a chore with many stating that they would rather clean toilets. However, if you are skipping it, you are allowing plaque and tartar to build around the gum line. This offers the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which will cause the gum tissue to become inflamed and infected, resulting in gum disease.

Gum disease is an infection that causes an array of dental health complications when it is not treated quickly. Over time, it will lead to the destruction of the supporting structures of the teeth and the jawbone, which can cause you to lose your teeth. In addition, the bacteria can also enter the bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your overall health.

Gum disease is directly linked to causing cardiovascular disease, increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke. Not to mention, it can also cause respiratory infections, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy complications, and much more.

Protect Your Gum Health

Although no one really likes to floss their teeth and you are often rushed for time, it is essential that you take a few minutes each day to clean between each tooth. In addition to brushing twice a day, floss each night before going to bed using a high-quality dental floss.

To promote the health of your teeth and gums, do not forget to visit your dentist in Green Lake twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

Promote a Healthy Smile Today

If you keep your oral hygiene a top priority, you will protect the health of your teeth and gums. Invest in your smile with the proper brushing and flossing habits today.

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