Your Family Dentist in Green Lake for Patients of All Ages

We are your family dentist in Green Lake for complete care. The health of your family’s teeth and gums rely on excellent home oral hygiene and regular care from a family dentist in Green Lake. However, scheduling appointments for your loved ones can be a challenge because everyone has unique needs. As a result, you can spend valuable time running from one office to another because not all needs can be met from one location. This can lead to missed appointments, placing their oral health at risk. At Oak Tree Dental Care, we know you are busy and do not have time to juggle different dental offices. We offer the complete care your family needs from one convenient location.

Choose One Dentist for Your Family

As soon as the first tooth erupts, children need to start seeing their dentist in Green Lake twice a year to ensure the proper development of their teeth. However, as an adult, you have different needs. In addition to preventive care, you may need periodontal therapy or restorative dentistry to keep your smile healthy. With everyone’s needs different from one another, you need a dentist who can accommodate these requirements.

At Oak Tree Dental Care, we provide the complete services your family depends on—no matter their age. We offer the caring and compassionate services children need to set the right foundation for a lifelong healthy smile. While we nurture their developing teeth, we also provide care for teens and adults to maintain dental health.

Now, you can save time and money by benefiting from one dentist. You will enjoy a higher level of care as we get to know you and your family. This also provides us with a unique opportunity to understand how genetics impacts your loved one’s oral health. As a result, we can better predict and prevent certain issues from occurring.

As we get to know your family over the years, we build relationships with them. We become a trusted member of your dental team to create generations of healthy, beautiful smiles. You will not have to switch dentists as their needs change. We will be by your family’s side today and in the future.

Benefit from Convenient Care

When raising a family, your schedule it busy. We understand that your time is valuable. We help to simplify your already chaotic life with family scheduling. Now, you can schedule appointments for everyone the same day. You will not have to take several days off work or have your children miss multiple days of school to ensure everyone has the preventive care they need.

Your Dentist for the Whole Family

At Oak Tree Dental Care, your family’s smiles are important to us, just as they are to you. We will help them develop and maintain healthy teeth and gums for many years to come. Give your loved ones the comprehensive care they deserve as we treat your family as we treat our own. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you all.


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