Your Emergency Dentist in Northgate for Same-Day Appointments

Call your emergency dentist in Northgate for an appointment today.A dental emergency is something no one is ever quite prepared to experience. However, one in six Americans will find themselves in that exact situation this year. An oral emergency can happen at any time and without any warning. When you are facing an emergency situation, time is of the highest importance. You need an emergency dentist in Northgate who can provide you with same-day care. At Oak Tree Dental Care, we are able to accommodate your dental emergency with appointments available the same day.

Treating Dental Emergencies

As with any emergency, how quickly you receive care greatly impacts the outcome of the situation. Often, people try to wait until their next dental appointment or treat the emergency at home. As a result, the damage becomes more significant, which could lead to a tooth needing extraction. In addition, many people are not able to determine what is classified as a dental emergency, so they do not seek treatment.

How you respond to a dental emergency is vital to the prognosis of the situation. In addition to calling your dentist in Northgate immediately, there are several things you can do at home to help increase our smile’s chances of a successful recovery.

Knocked Out Tooth: Trauma or injury to the mouth can cause a tooth to be knocked out. In some instances, prompt treatment could allow us to reinsert the tooth, allowing it to survive, but this depends on several factors, such as if the root is broken and how quickly you receive care. You need to immediately find the tooth and rinse it with water. Do not scrub, use soaps, or dry the tooth. If you can, reinsert the tooth back into the socket. If you are not successful, place it in a cup of milk and call the dentist right away.

Dislodged Tooth: Trauma to the mouth can cause a tooth to be knocked out of position. If you can, gently push the tooth back into place and bite on gauze to prevent it from moving. If you are not successful, avoid putting pressure on the tooth while you wait for treatment.

Broken Tooth: Teeth can break and fracture for several reasons. No matter the reason, use over-the-counter pain medications and cold compresses to help manage discomfort. Avoid placing pressure on the tooth and keep the area clean while waiting for it to be repaired.

Lost Restoration: Restorations that become loose or fall out need to be repaired immediately to prevent bacterial infections. Do not try to cement or glue the restoration back on the tooth. Call our office right away to have the restoration replaced.

Abscessed Tooth: An infected tooth is very painful and can spread into the bloodstream if not treated quickly. If you have a sudden severe toothache, pimple-like bump on your gum, or suspect an infection, call Oak Tree Dental Care immediately.

Same-Day Dental Care

At Oak Tree Dental Care, we believe in always being there for our patients, even during emergencies. We offer same-day appointments to stop the discomfort while restoring your oral health. If you are having a dental emergency, do not wait. Contact our office today to schedule a same-day appointment.

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