Perfect Your Smile With Popular Cosmetic Dental Options

It’s incredibly important to have a smile that you love. If you don’t, we can only guess that you avoid smiling with your teeth in photos and when laughing with friends. If this sounds all too familiar, you’re in for a treat! We invite you to read our previous blog posts to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry could be the perfect option to give you the confidence you need to smile big. Here are more popular cosmetic dental procedures which may be perfect for you.

Ask our cosmetic dentist about the following dental procedures:

CrownsGeneral dentistry in Seattle.

Although you may think you’re already a princess or prince, one of our crowns may be your best option in giving you a functional and gorgeous smile. Although crowns are not for every individual, they are used to “cap” a damaged tooth which starts at the gumline. Keeping your tooth is our main priority, as well as providing you with a smile you’re not afraid to use. Crowns have the ability to strengthen a damaged tooth as well as provide it with better appearance with improved shape and alignment. Looking back in history, you’ll learn crowns were previously made with a less natural looking metal. Today; however, they’re made out of all-porcelain, making them much more durable, comfortable and increasingly attractive.

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It’s important that we take a look at your oral health in order to diagnose you and prescribe you the perfect solution to aid in the happiness of your pearly whites. Go ahead and schedule an appointment online with the leading dentist here at Oak Tree Dental Care in Seattle and follow up with our future blog post!

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