Top 10 Reasons To Visit a Dentist

Visiting a dentist is not what many people enjoy doing, but making an appointment is necessary for you to have impeccable pearly whites, among many other things. If you’ve been avoiding making an appointment with the leading dentist in Seattle, here are the first two of the top 10 reasons why you need to stop avoiding and schedule now!

  1. Dental health will impact your overall health. Not many people realize that there is a very strong link between dental health and overall general health. The condition of your teeth and gums do matter, and they can actually have an impact on the rest of your body, including every system in your body, such as digestive, circulatory, respiratory and reproductive systems. Regardless of if you love or hate the dentist, keeping good oral health can help reduce the risk of other serious health problems.
  2. You have bad breath. Although unpleasant, bad breath is a common problem for many individuals. Understand that not all bad breath is caused by not visiting your dentist regularly, but the majority of the time it is because there are leftover food particles hidden in places you likely ignore. If you brush and floss your teeth regularly, and you visit the dentist when you’re supposed to (every six months), you may have a serious underlying condition that is the cause of your bad breath. Be sure to speak to our dentist in Seattle about it.

Solve bad breath, and keep your entire body healthy by making an appointment with Seattle’s most trusted dentist. Stay tuned for the next few reasons why you should visit our dentist: Floss and Keep Your Smile Bright.

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